Wednesday, March 3, 2010

your swords grown old and rusty.

Ok, first of all, i love the comments i'm getting and i think that a mix between a crossing guard and a crazy cat lady would make the perfect profession.

secondly, jamie i hope you like the pictures i posted. hopefully next year when i'm jobless and have all the time in the world, i'll take pictures. i tried to take some pictures but the frozen tundra of Wilkinsburg just isn't serving as an appropriate muse for my skills. AND i went to a viewing last night and i realized that i'm very comforting, but not smothering (i think), aka a perfect funeral director. i just need someone who likes to move dead bodies and fill them with things i can't spell and i've got my career. going to viewings of people i don't know is sort of becoming a hobby of mine. i'm sure this happens to everyone, but last night was the 4th time i've been to a viewing and had never met the deceased.

thirdly, i took today off and got a lot of work done. i really enjoy lesson planning and's just the whole execution of teaching that i despise. I'm planning on going to arby's and getting a lot of food since i've been sick for the past week i've lost five pounds and therefore i deserve it.

fourth of all/fourthly... i lost my debit card about two weeks ago and so my finances have been slightly in order because i haven't bought anything since then (except for the one time i used a check at wal-mart and i'm never doing that again...apparently you don't have to fill anything out on the check. but i asked the mildly retarded cashier if i need to put my phone number on the check or anything because this was the first time i've ever used a check at a store, but he told me not to fill anything out. so i was like..."should i sign it" he was just like "give it to me". now as a person who has already had their identity stolen at the young age of 21, i was slightly weary. but i gave him a completely blank check and then he put it in a printer and the whole thing printed for me. i should be aware of these things...i'm not). But today i went to look at my account and i almost flipped out because i thought i had 400 dollars but i only had 115 and in my mind that means someone found my debit card and it's not somewhere in my room or in my car like i'm assuming, and they bought stuff. then i realized that i paid rent, electric and cable. So i think the point of this story is that i have to keep it a secret from my mom that i lost my debit card cause she'll flip out and tell me to clean my room. strangely i've had this card for almost 4 years and this is the first time i've lost it, so she should be proud of me. but i'm trying to talk to ashleigh to tell her to get the mail and not let mom see that they sent me a new debit card.

sorry, that was a pointless rant.
the point was to help me decide whether to buy arby's or page protectors/white out/dividers that i desperately need for my portfolio. i have 11 dollars in cash that i can spend. food or my future? probably food. i might have to budget here...

I don't really see the appeal of Beyonce, or as my dad calls her "bouce-ay", but i really enjoy Video Phone. I'm not sure if this was popular or anything since i don't listen to the radio and yes, i'm aware that this song isn't "current", but here it is:


  1. lol yes i liked the pics! thanks for the shoutout. and thats weird u have been to that many viewings.....yeah. so um, yea id totally choose arbys and not office supplies. or id try to get the 5 dollar thing at arbys and then like use the rest on supplies. something like that...

  2. Yes its so nice video. thanks for sharing with us.