Monday, March 22, 2010

you've got a smile that could light up this whole town.

Taylor Swift- i really don't have a problem with her, but i honestly don't like her. she's no Demi Lovato and i think, like Lady Gaga, she's completely over-rated.
but that's just my opinion.
the purpose of putting her up here was just to mention that when ever i feel like something is about to get me down i sing "You Belong With Me" in my head and it honestly makes every thing feel better. i like to think i'm the girl that she's complaining about. not the whole part about wearing short skirts and being cheer captain (we all know that's the antithesis of myself).
it's one of those songs that you're like "yeah, this life that she's singing about seems to suck, but when you put it to this catchy music and have taylor swift pretend that she's one of these girls that wears t-shirts and is sitting on the bleachers, it's like a light at the end of the tunnel".

it reminds me of my husband:when he used to be all cute and innocent and when we thought he actually would marry just once and if it didn't work out, give her half of his stuff. now we just think that he'll never marry and just become a notorious tool bag. but clearly that's what i go for. anyway, remember "Love Song for No One"? the only boy that ever liked me in high school sent me a myspace message with those lyrics. i never really knew what to make of it, and it should have ruined the song, but nothing will ever ruin my opinion of John Mayer (except "Who Says" and the whole John Mayer Trio era, but we look past that) i think my point is that i used to lay on my floor on friday nights (when jamie, my only friend, wasn't over) and write love songs for no i didn't really. i was probably playing Sims or waiting for Ashleigh to get back from one of her late night rendezvous so i could complain about being fat and not having any friends.I think my point was that T.Swift's "You Belong With Me" and John Mayer's "Love Song for No One" both give you that same "my life sucks but this beat is sweet and catchy so it's disguising my feelings" sort of vibe, and who doesn't like that?

i love it.
i also love songs like "Your New Twin Size Bed" by Death Cab that actually make you feel like you should feel when you're listening to it. But then again i related to the Demi Lovato CD so much that i assumed she sneaked into my mind and wrote all of those songs about me (or the writers of the songs did)

but you know what's ironic?
what does this say about me? not sure.

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