Monday, April 26, 2010

he never had a chance.

i'm not really sure if some people understand the idea of fairness.
it's sort of rude to let one person do something and then i can't because you don't like me.
this is happening so much lately.
i'm just frustruated with so many people and i want to go home and leave so badly. i'm tired of almost everyone in Pittsburgh. but then i hate smc. i really can't win, honestly.
i need a new job because i can count on half a hand the people i truly like at that piece of retail hell and i'm never ever going to get hours now that school is over and the college kids that they actually like are coming home. i think at this point i just want to live in hick town and not even have a job. at least i can run at night and feel safe

it was so hard student teaching and interacting with 17 year old's who were more mature than 95% of the people my age. what happened? i guess i'm just so far removed from the general 20-24 year old population it's hard to connect with them. i can't decide if i'm more mature than them, less mature or i just have such different interests that i can't relate. i have all of these ideas of other things than going out an getting drunk, making a fool of myself and having sex. possibly i'm lame. possibly certain people have turned me off that kind of experience. possibly i just despise drunk people. maybe i just grew up and skipped a lot of drama. i just read this book called Hungry by Crystal Renn (the model that was annorexic and is now fat) and she just changed my outlook on life. basically i just want to move to New York City and live with a friend. unfortuanatley for me, all of my best friends are tied down. so my mission is to find someone with no life or prospects and we'll go to New York City. i'd like a roommate that doesn't bitch at me or criticize me. there are so many attributes in a roommate that i'd like that i've never experienced. except lisa, i honestly enjoyed that semester. i could live alone, too. that's an option.

and my homegirl Adele strikes again, "you like to be so close, i like to be alone."
every time.

i watched "One Fine Day" and "The Women" today.
there is nothing better than a good 90's romance that involves characters who are actually believable to be in love. i don't buy these 17 year old Miley Cyrus' of the world falling madly in love. maybe i'm wrong or just cynical, but i believe Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are in love.I believe in everything Meg Ryan does though. I believed that she could be with Adam Brody or even Billy Crystal.

also, why is patrick stump soooooo skinny now?
i miss your chub.


  1. actually no, meg ryan could not be with adam brody beacuse he will be with me

  2. Aha, I'm much younger than you are and I feel exactly the same way. Don't worry, not everyone's like this. I recommend getting out of the country for awhile - it's a nice change.