Thursday, April 8, 2010

i can't love you any more than this.

so my stomach has been...i'm not sure, but it hasn't been good lately so i'm like "i'll go organic" and i went to the store and spent a whole bunch of my parents money on organic juices and such.
oh and these cute milk things i've always wanted to try.i only drink soy milk anyway but i could never imagine spending 1.25 on this tiny thing:
but it's amazing. i might be jumping on the cow jumping over the fruit brand train.

i'm watching a movie called Yesterday that has subtitles and i doubt my students will like watching it, but i'm sure they'd rather watch a movie they can't understand than listen to me talk. this is just legit the perfect movie for what we're talking about.


  1. Honey
    It looks really cute..and I love your header!
    I'm following you

  2. ahahahha thats funny