Thursday, April 29, 2010

never listened to the radio.

I'm back on my psychotic reading kick. I read Push yesterday which is essentially the movie Precious. While I was reading it, I realized that having my towel and body wash mysteriously disappear from the bathroom is inconsequential compared to delivering a baby that is both your daughter and your sister at twelve, let alone doing the same thing at age 16 with a son. Poor Clarieece Precious Jones gets raped by her father when she was still in diapers and I complain about having to live like a college freshman in a dorm because I now have to take all of my shower stuff into the bathroom in a plastic caddy. We share a lot of the same problems:
1. We both have to be scared to live in our own abodes.
Precious's mother beats her because she was impregnated by her father. Some how this
was the fault of Precious and when she was 12, she delivered her Down Syndrome
daughter on kitchen floor after her mother beat her with a cast iron skillet. I have to worry about elves sneaking through the fireplaces and taking my bath products because clearly they do not want me to be clean.
2. We are both poor.
Granted Precious and her mother are able to afford rent and a large amount of clothes
from Lane Bryant because of the Welfare system, she still doesn't have a nice house or a
TV in her own room or anything like that. I am not able to pay rent period. I called the
bank on the verge of crying because i some how signed up for something called
"Reservation Rewards" and they took money out of my account without my knowledge
and I'm going to overdraft.
3. We're both stupid.
Ok, I'm not stupid and neither is Precious. Precious has a 2nd grade reading level before
she goes to this "alternative" school, and I have the math ability of a 2nd grader. The
main difference is that Precious overcame her adversity and was able to learn to read and
I am still terrible at math.
4. We both love The Color Purple
I actually love all books that contain people talking in their dialect, but Precious has good
taste in literature, once she learned how to read, of course. She quoted Celie about 80
times. I think I quoted Celie once last year after I read the book.

I need to see the movie now. I have this thing, like most people, where I can't watch a movie if I haven't read the book. Precious gets HIV from her dad, something we don't have in common. there are so many things that we don't have in common, but I'm sure you can figure them out.

And I'm officially calling my pod lost. I'm starting to get nervous. And Cute is What We Aim For just put out a new song. Yes, I love them.


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