Sunday, April 11, 2010

i should have been after you.

so last night i had this dream that i wasn't done with my high school education yet. like i still had to take 3 classes...and i'm in the same position i'm in right now: student teaching, a week away from being done. So for some reason i have to get these classes done between two different schools: the first one is where i'm student teaching now(School A) and the other one is Shaler, a school near my Grandma's house. Getting to my classes at School A were pretty easy, people asked some questions like "why is a 21 year old going back to high school?" but i can't remember much of that part of the day except that my Dad was there to help me sign in. Then I had to WALK to Shaler (in my dream it wasn't very far) and my dad was there to meet me again and help me get established. I think that there was a field trip going on or something because all of the students were leaving. I've never been in the high school before but my parents went there, so in my mind it's this old building whose prime was in the early 1970's and was all cheap wood and stuff. it took me all day to find the main office because i guess my Dad left me to fend for myself. some other stuff happened where i was just walking around and then i decided that i needed to find the main office. i eventually did even though it was in some remote corner behind like 30 doors. the secretary just gave me a laptop cord and sent me on my way.
then my dream shifted to me being in a grocery store with Alex and we were standing at an end of an aisle with one of those cages of blow up bouncy balls, except they weren't in a cage, they were just piled up perfectly in to a square. then there was a boy who worked at the store about ten feet away from me in the middle of the aisle and two little girls in between us. the boy threw the ball at me so i hit it and it went right to the girls who hit the ball back but of course it landed in the neatly stacked pile of balls and all of them came crashing down. i ran away, of course, and that boy started chasing me around the store.

i don't think anyone needs a PhD in dream analysis to figure out what this means.

i just thought i'd let you know about that...
get prepared for one of my lecture blogs because i feel one coming on i just can't find the words.
and i have to work from 12pm-9pm today. i really hope that's a mistake and i'm only working from like 12-7...ugh don't they know i have stuff to do?

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