Friday, April 30, 2010

i want a punk rock chick

You know that you're going insane when this scenario makes you laugh:
My mom is falling asleep on the couch and Ashleigh is sitting in the arm chair next to the couch and Ashleigh says "can I have the channel changer". The actual situation was funny, you have to see my mom falling asleep to really understand. Something is happening with the TV right now and Ashleigh just wants "to pig out or something". It's so funny watching Ashleigh get frustrated. For some reason the TV is frozen and she got mad when I suggested watching New Moon but skipping through all of the Edward parts. Who wouldn't be up for that? So now we're attempting to watch The Proposal .

So with the lack of an ipod, I was forced to either listen to Fall Out Boy's Foile a Deux or the newest Academy Is... CD or my favorite thing in the world: the radio. After this, I fell in love with "Could It Be You (Punk Rock Chick)". I just bought it on Itunes and it doesn't sound as good as it did on the radio.

If you didn't realize, I'm home.
I needed a short break from the horribleness that is retail as well as my living situation. I haven't been home since New Years and I honestly don't know how people find jobs and move away. I hate being home because within five minutes of being home there was an argument over Anthony's cat. Odd thing to argue about, yes, i know.

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