Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i'm going on a date tonight to try and fall out of love with you.

i really need to start developing my photography skill. i love taking pictures but it's like me and reading. i love reading, but i love to read just to read. i hate thinking about the "message" and all of that nonsense. i just like to take pictures to take them even though they're never really that great. those are from ash's canon though, not my nikon.

is anyone else dying of heat? it was 82 degrees in my classroom by the end of the day. i find that slightly annoying. my body temperature is already like 80 degrees higher than normal because i'm ALWAYS hot. anyone that says they'd rather be hot needs to be smacked.
but i only have 8 days left.
is this real?
now i have a whole praxis debacle i have to start.


  1. Your pictures are very beautiful.

  2. its ok im always hot too. and dang those really good pics. are they from ash;s old canon cuz i thought that broke..?