Tuesday, April 13, 2010

when you walk my way, hope it gives youuuuuuuu hell.

i'm just going to be a gleek for a second.
i'm really excited about tonight.
i think that rachel is the most amazing person on a tv show.
she can sing ANY song better than anyone. no joke. if rachel started singing "home life" i would probably say she does it better than john mayer.
i just love her cause she doesn't care about what anyone else thinks about her. she knows she wants to be famous and that's all she cares about. i miss the rachel-puck thing cause i think that finn is the biggest fag in the world. i also love quinn. i really only like rachel, quinn, puck and sue. but i love all of it otherwise.
anyway, lauren sent me a clip of rachel singing "give you hell" or something that AAR sings. and she does it so well. i've watched this video at least 60 times since yesterday.

Anyway, i was thinking that i could be a moral compass. like the ego (i'm not sure...which ever one is in the middle that balances everything out). i know a lot more than people might think about certain things. but i'm always glad i can have someone to tell me that it's ok not to cave into people. thanks, laura, even though you probably don't remember what i'm talking about. but the other day i was having this conversation with my friend who has no idea what is going on and doesn't understand that life doesn't have to be a certain way. now i'm not sitting here saying "don't do this. don't do that" but i think that there has to be some sort of stopping point. you can't give one person everything. surprisingly, i think that's one thing i like about myself: that i don't really cave to peer pressure anymore. i must be over that stage in my life. either that or i'm turning into an extremely good catholic minus the going to church every week part. i just think that i'm very level-headed. i'm not sure you'd agree, but when you don't lead a very exciting life, there's really nothing to rush in to. like one of my students was talking to me today and she thought i was lame for liking fall out boy. i think they're cool. i've liked them since 9th grade and i don't think they "sold out". i love every song they have ever written and i'm not really embarrassed of it. therefore, i don't think it makes me lame. i think it makes me less lame to like them when all of these stupid people think they're so much better than fall out boy that they can't like them. now i'm not saying i'm running around with pete wentz on my myspace, but i will buy every cd they ever make and when patrick comes out with his solo album, i will be one of the first ones in line to buy it. but i hate teenagers. like i don't think it makes you any cooler or more interesting to hate everyone. they hate everything that's "mainstream". that's been done before, so basically you're not as original as you think you are. i think that liking what you like even if everyone else likes it, makes you cool.

god i need someone to help me with grammar.

i really wish that:
1. stupid russian people would stop myspacing me.
2. i could eat all of the neopolitan ice cream sandwiches without getting a stomach ache.
3. i wish that i could just get what i want for five minutes.
4. my kids' faces of pain weren't fake today when my co op told them that my last day is friday.
5. that i had more money
6. that i didn't have to take the praxis (i have to pass it the first time somehow...)

i've been on aim a lot lately (yeah, apparently it's not cool anymore) and my dad always seems to im me (yeah, we're a cool family) and today he said "hoe r u?" if there was a comma in that sentence and this was a galaxy far, far away, i'd be offended.
anyway, we're talking about how much i hate email. i honestly dread opening my inbox cause i'm afraid of what's going to be in there.


  1. of course i remember! :) and i'm glad you're not giving in to what other people think! although, i'm pretty sure you never have--crashing a harry potter party for 7 year olds in harrisburg anyone??

  2. ahahaha i like fall out boy too its ok. and u are a hoe, ur dad wasnt misspelling anything bwahahaha