Sunday, April 18, 2010

i'm just trying to change the color on your mood ring.

so those of you who worked with me at quiznos...did i work there summer after my senior year? i'm fairly sure i did. according to my uncle, i did not. but i remember having denise come visit me almost every day while she was on her lunch break and i only met denise in the summer of 06 (aka the best summer ever). i have more proof but i don't want to go into it because it's slightly embarrassing.i think the point of this story is that sometimes i want to hit my family. how do you know when i worked? you don't. you're not me. i slaved away making subs for 3 months i think i'd remember it.
and then my cousin claims that it's impossible for me to ride a bike...well, that one summer when i did not have a job (legit 07), ashleigh and i rode our bikes everywhere. we rode them up to JCPenny almost every day we were that bored. i was also not comfortable with the fact that i was fat at that point either so it might have been an attempt to lose weight.
my family also thinks it's entertaing that alex enjoys killing small animals. you know what? so do most serial killers. while i find them extremely interesting, i don't think that killing people is a good hobby.

i also wish people would leave me alone. i have a very small comfort zone and i don't like being asked to step outside of it. i'm starting to be a lot more assertive...that's what my supervisor wanted... now the people i know have to live with the consequences.

and a special thanks to celia for saving my life. i would be crying if it wasn't for you helping me. i only have one more thing to do before i can relax and go home...this exit interview is going to ruin my life. my showcase portfolio is a mess.that is my room at the moment. that pile of my room looks like i should be on that hoarders's a good thing i have no friends. and yes, my tv is on the floor. it's too heavy to pick up. i have no idea how i even got it into this room. good times.

so on wednesday i'm going to spend all day cleaning my room and my car. maybe doing the dishes...who knows, i might get wild.

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