Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i'm weird cause i hate goodbyes.

Alaina Macey was born this morning at 4:09 am. she's the most beautiful baby in the world i sometimes can't take it. not that i've seen her in person, but in pictures she's amazing. i honestly can't wait until saturday when i get to see her (hopefully). it's going to be a busy weekend.
i'm actually going out on friday...
sat morning drive to ohio to see the beautiful baby
drive back to this horrible city so i can work from 3-10
sunday nothing is happening except i'm going to have to make lesson plans out the butt.

i'm getting observed tomorrow for the last time. officially the last time.

my body was rebelling on me from all of the sugar i have been consuming lately. tonight for dinner i made baked chicken to counter act the sugar. it didn't work.

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