Sunday, April 4, 2010

it's called break-up cause it's broken.

so this kid in CCD was learning about Jesus rising from the dead. his teacher asked him what was the last thing Jesus said and the little boy responded "I'll be back".

this was the beginning of the homily at mass today. i enjoyed it.

i hope you like my new name. it's not very good but alex and i were trying to find a new name and we were on google just typing in "keep calm and a" "keep calm and b" and so on. and "keep calm and eat a cupcake came up when i got to e. and ashleigh spent a long time putting that cupcake into the lions mouth. i like it, not going to lie.

i don't have a disdain for capital letters (if that's what you mean) i'm just lazy and blogger isn't word.

and everything in my mind makes sense that i say. i don't have a very good vocabulary...but that's just how it goes. a lot of people don't get it.

and i've been student teaching since january 4th.

as for the awesome picture, i was on tumblr and someone posted that. i want one.

AND i wish i could know what my problem is. i think it's the same type of problem that most people face. i just really need to be in control. i wasn't aware that i was that type of person because i'm laid back.

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  1. god i want a cupcake now thanks alot