Sunday, April 18, 2010

that place isn't me.

i'm kind of surprised that i haven't blogged about the fact that i'm done student teaching yet. it might be because i didn't have time yesterday and on friday i came home and slept. but it's still unlike me. maybe it's because i'm sad. i almost got a little emotional as all of my students were walking out of class saying "bye...good luck" and things like that. they are really good kids.

but now i have to focus on my exit interview. isn't it nice how my school is the only one that has to do these stupid things? i got the highest score you can get for student teaching...if they don't pass me i'll probably start crying and flip out. we have to talk for 7-10 minutes in front of peers and the people in charge of the student teaching world. what do we talk about? i'm not really sure. am i able to talk about anything for 7-10 minutes? no. it's going to be like sophomore year of college when we had to write a paper and talk about it for 10 minutes. i don't think that i went past 3 minutes but somehow other people went to 15 or 20 minutes. what are you talking about???!! that's always my question. i'm just a person of very few (spoken) words. again, why did i go in to education?

so today and tomorrow i'm going to spend my life working on my portfolio that they're probably not even going to look at as well as trying to find something to say in my interview so i don't blank like i always do when i talk in front of people my own age.

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