Thursday, April 22, 2010

you'd say all of the right things without a clue.

sorry, i'm so vain.
but this was me before my 4th viewing of the year.
so far i've averaged 1 viewing a month in 2010. it just seems like a lot to me.
just really like that shirt i bought.

well, cousin T made my life today (my mom's cousin). we were having the post-memorial service brunch at this really disgusting seafood restaurant (we didn't even have seafood...not that i'm complaining cause i hate's not like i lived in Maryland for 14 years) that was really dark inside. so we all walk out and he goes "i feel like a rescued mine worker". i still laugh when i think about it. why does nothing not excite me?

do you ever wonder what certain people are doing?
like why aren't you outside my window?
i wonder this a lot because i'm selfish.
i always tell people who ever gives my eulogy not to say things like "she was so thoughtful and unselfish" cause for the most part i'm not. maybe that's just how i show my appreciation towards people.

i always say that i'm completely comfortable with someone when i can sit in a car with them and not say anything and it's not awkward. i really don't like talking all that much and i'm always uncomfortable so i know i'm close with someone when we can do that.

i also say that someone is a good friend when i stop hanging out with them. i really don't like hanging out with people 73% of the time so when i start to break plans that's how you know i like you. does this make sense? i doubt it. but after awhile i don't feel badly about not hanging out.

it's like the radio. i just want what i want when i want it. i don't listen to the radio because
a.) i have no desire to listen to lady gaga every other song
b.) i like to listen to the same song at least 30 times in a row (not with commercials and other songs in the middle of it.)

and, you know.

i also wonder why:

I'm still hoping one day I might hear you say:

I make you feel a way you've never felt before
And I'm all you need and you never want more
Then you'd say all of the right things without a clue
But you'd save the best for last
Like I'm the one for you

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