Thursday, May 13, 2010

every now and then i fall apart.

Apparently Lauren is addicted to my blogs much like I'm addicted to the Showtime original series Weeds. There are only two seasons available on Uge's (that's Uncle Jason) TV and at the end of the season 2 finale, Nancy was standing in a kitchen surrounded by Black and Armenian men holding guns to her while she frantically tried to call her son, who stole 300,000 dollars worth of pot from her (that these men wanted), as he was being arrested for stealing surveillance cameras. And then it ended, so obviously, I had to scour the internet for season 3 and it's not disappointing. Well, according to Uge it's a terrible show. I hate the premise but I love the characters. Mary-Kate Olsen has finally entered the show and she is just as bad of an actress as she was on School Dance Party, yet has lost all of her appeal because she smokes and tries to seduce a 15 year old boy when I know in real life she is 20.

And I need to find a new job. I'm so tired of half of people that work there. I just wrote a few words about the person I hate most that works there, but then deleted it because I'm always nervous someone will read this. There was this new girl tonight, however, who laughed at everything I said. So she is my new favorite. I'm really the worst worker ever because I talk about everyone and how much I hate them. Like, don't pretend that I'm hiding from someone (even when I am) and try to make me feel bad about it. I could go on for hours.

There are other people who I could bitch about for hours too, but I'll stop. I don't really have anything nice to say today because I sat in bed from about 9-2 watching Weeds and showering. Then I went to work and slaved away. I got a McDonald's unsweetened tea and it was amazing (like it always is)

Lauren likes my pictures, so here is one that Ashleigh didn't like:

I really need to take a photography class. Maybe if they gave me hours at work I could afford one.
I swear I'm going to find a new job.


  1. ohhhhh i love the pic :) im still so jeal u have a nice cam. grr. oh and u need to see hilary duffs movie 'according to greta' i got it at redbox and on this thurs night i layed alone in bed watching it and crying (even tho it wasnt really that sad) im hormonal and emotionally unstable. anyway, rent it because i know u have nothing else to do and now, neither do i so maybe i will check out weeds. :)

  2. i'm hurt that you think i have nothing to do. i have plenty to do...but honestly, i lay in my bed so long that i'm fusing to it.

  3. Anonymous5:19 PM

    If you have netflix the seasons 1-5 of weeds is on there instantly...

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