Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hall and oates.

They play this song at work and i'm not sure who it's by (I think The Bird and the Bee, because you know, we're trying to be all hip and whatnot even though none of the clothes fit), but it's a cover of "Kiss on My List" by Hall and Oates. So by now this song is stuck in my head and I've Groovesharked it and have almost memorized all of the words. It's such an amazing song that makes me want to watch movies from the 80's..

I was filling out this Exit Interview for one of the thousands of loan companies that I used over my four years, and it kept insisting that I was A.) employed and B.) married to an employed spouse. I informed this computer survey that I was neither employed or married and it wouldn't let me continue until I had told it the state where my employer was located as well as my spouse's. Neither exist. I could write about my slightly more than minimum wage job, but that didn't seem very appropriate.

And being home is quite possibly one of the worst things for me. Literally ALL my family does is fight. It's so nice to see nothing has changed. I've been here so long I've started imitating some of my unemployed sister's battle tactics. I was yelling at my Mom and the whole time I was thinking wow, I sound exactly like Ashleigh. We went to Belk and there were these sandals that I wanted that were $40 (they ended up being $25 with sales that were not marked, but anyway) last night Ashleigh complained endlessly about me buying these sandals with Mom's Belk charge when she wasn't there (we thought we had coupons for the 4th but they didn't start til the 5th so we waited until today). Today we went to Belk and what did she buy? THE EXACT SAME SHOES. Really? She claims she saw them first...who knows. Now she has the car. Where did she go? It's a mystery. Did she tell anyone she was leaving? Nope. Whose car did she take? Mine ours. I'm so ready to go back to Pittsburgh. I can't wait until I can live in my own apartment, alone, with my cats. I need to start saving like mad. Or get a job...but that's probably not going to happen.

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  1. hahahahahh sry but thats hilarious