Monday, May 17, 2010

i want to be better than your heads only medicine.

I was thinking that I would try to save up for something-anything, really.
And then I realized the amount of time it's going to take me to save up for anything, especially now that I have expenses and my parents don't pay for everything, even though that seems to be the generalization. When I was at Quiznos, I made over 3,000 dollars. Where is that money today? Well, I spent a lot of it, but half of it went into paying my family's bills and whatnot. I know, great, right? Actually, I have no idea what my Mom did with all of the money I earned, but one day I went to look at my bank statement and it was all gone. Why am I typing this? I don't know. But I really want to buy a car eventually and sans a career, I realize that this is going to be a difficult task making slightly more than minimum wage while paying rent. The whole Quiznos thing got me thinking about two of our co-workers who were married to each other and had a baby who they brought to work and let Bob babysit him. I miss SMC. I love telling people that story because it always amazes people. When I worked at Quiznos, I always yelled at Rasheesh (I still have no idea how to spell his name) but I can't yell at any of my managers after that. Maybe it was because Sheesh was a pushover or maybe I had a lot of aggression to take out in high school, who knows.

The only one of two times that I left someone speechless was at Quiznos. One time Sheesh was talking to someone in Indian and I was standing there and I recognized a word that I guess was the same in French even though I can't remember it, but I told him I knew what he was talking about and he freaked out. I always find that funny. The other time was in 9th or 10th grade during Mock Trial and I was the unprepared, yet extremely scripted witness and my cross-examiner was asking me about the drinking age (my character had a party with alcohol and someone died) and a majority of times when I talk in front of people my mind goes completely blank, but this time it worked to my advantage because I said that the legal drinking age was 18 and thankfully my character was 18. The cross-examiner didn't know what to say. That was my only helpful contribution to the LHS Mock Trial team those two years.

Jamie, remember how bad we were? I realize I was the worst on the team, but those were good times.

Other than my realization that I'm poor, I've realized that I only attract delusional people.
I'm getting more hours at work, so get excited I might be able to save some money.

Sorry for this.

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