Wednesday, May 26, 2010

machetes up top.

Well, since I'm going to be 22 on Monday I thought I'd write a wish list (not that i will get any of this, but I hate getting things that I don't want):

1. Starbucks plastic cup
I really enjoy drinking out of these types of cups and me being more Jewish than I am eco-friendly, really want one. Then I can just throw some tea in this cup and save myself 1.59 from Panera (because I never really drink Starbucks [not because I have a problem with it, it's mostly because I just don't go there]). But Ashleigh is already getting me this. She discovered them when she failed to get me regular tea, but she got me Lemonade Ice Tea when she knows I don't like lemonade...except two days earlier I bought a gallon of Lemonade Ice Tea- but that's beside the point. Apparently these things aren't cool. Who knows, I still want one.
2. Camera Bag:

It looks like a purse. I keep sending the link to my mom to get her the hint. But then again, I sent several links to the Cath Kidston saddle bag for almost 5 months before Christmas a few years ago, but she never bought that for me. Anyway, in this girl's blog that I always read, she said she bought one in red.

3. Work, Shout Out Louds

Ok, it would be better if someone got me an Itunes gift card because I already bought three songs from the CD. But we're playing some of them at work...really? I already have to put away 7,000 flip flops, please stop stealing my music too.

Okay, I'm clearly not being selfish this year. Or I'm having a lack of thoughts due to the fact that I really want more cake and I need to finish Weeds. Oh and I mulched yesterday, so be proud of me.

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