Thursday, May 6, 2010

She's a maneater.

I'm looking at all of my old pictures on Facebook and it's making me sad. I'm a very "live in the past" type of person, even though I hate the past. It's complicated. But you never take pictures of things that you hate (or you shouldn't) but you take pictures of the good times, so when you look at pictures, for the most part, you're always happy. So, therefore, looking at pictures makes you upset since life isn't like that anymore.
I love looking at pictures and being like "this was before this happened..." "This was before you..." "This was before I..." you know?

I was thinking I wish that my family talked more.
Like we don't tell each other anything. I was watching Must Love Dogs because John Cusak is one of the most perfect men on planet earth, and the sisters were so cute. They could talk about all of the boys they were with and stuff. What are we going to say? Lauren, remember the guy with the pink hair and the license plate holder that said "horny little devil" or the time you went on a date with my teacher? Ashleigh, remember that creepy guy that you were obsessed with for six years (and you'll probably end up getting married to). Me, remember all of those fat boys who liked you?

but that's about it. Not like I want to go into detail, but it'd be cute. We're close but not close at all. It's sort of an odd dynamic. But I just asked Lauren "You know what I wish we had?" and she said "A black foster brother?". Honestly, Yes. Preferably one that looked like this:

If you didn't know, I have an unhealthy obsession with small black children.
And now Hall and Oates.


  1. "I have an unhealthy obsession with small black children".........That is really creepy. O.o

  2. lol what the fuck. by the way i do the same thing when i look at old pics...its sad. and that guy that lauren went out with, i remember that...his name was chad. i was about 13 when this occurred. i am now 21. enough said

  3. Anonymous10:06 PM

    yeah i was 17 or so when I dated him. Sorry that only freaks and losers like me. Maybe I had secretly wanted to be a punk skater chick, a few months working at BK will do that to you. Esp. when your boss is a creepy perv. At least I'm not still obsessed with him....