Sunday, May 23, 2010

this is the sound of settling.

So this gigantic weight was lifted off my shoulders and I thought that it was showing, especially at work. But I guess I was wrong. I got criticized for being in a bad mood yet again. I was in such a good mood today...apparently not good enough.

And when I got home from work I received the best news of my life. Maybe not my life but of the year. Everyone that makes my life suck is getting out of it. It's like a fresh new start.

Oh, yeah. I'm being a little dramatic, but at least I'll have less stress.

I went to the zoo with Marissa, her sister and Alaina. It was so nice to get out and do something other than lay around my Grandma's or my apartment or go to work.
So nice.

My birthday is in 8 days.
I'll be 22 and I'm hoping to spend it on the couch watching the marathon of Hoarders which will be on Memorial Day.

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