Tuesday, May 11, 2010

turn around, bright eyes.

I really wish I was one of those people who was able to just write everything that is happening in their life in a blog. You'll have to settle for this.

I have been like an 8th grade boy lately, using the phrase "balls" for almost everything. For example, I need to grow some balls, figuratively, of course, unlike someone we know who is attempting to grow them literally. That would be funny if you knew who I was talking about.

I keep meaning to write about graduation. I graduated. It was awkward and Lauren told me that I was walking hunchback across the stage. I was really nervous going in to it. No one else was for some reason. But this boy said "You stand in front of a class, this is nothing". Actually, I was this nervous the first couple of times I went in front of my class. I just get really nervous. People keep having to tell me to calm down. I really don't want hundreds of people watching me walk across the stage. My one friend tripped. Not like a really noticeable one, but it was funny. Then, in perfect Duq fashion, they forgot one boys name and then the first person to go for the undergrads was forced to stand awkwardly alone on the stage because they weren't ready with the diplomas. The announcer called her name and then there was no one there to give her a diploma or shake her hand. This is why I'm glad I'm exactly in the middle.
My family went out to dinner with my Aunt and Uncle to this really cute Italian restaurant on the first day of graduation (Friday) and then on the second day, we just ate hamburgers at my Grandmas.

Other than graduating, I'm in the process of figuring out my life. I feel like all I want to do is absolutely nothing. You all know this, but how do other people get away with it? Like all of these people that got their degrees in Liberal Arts just go from job to job because they have so many more options than I do. I have one option and I don't like that option. I know I have to go back to school so I wish people would stop saying that. As I get older, it really annoys me when people tell me what I have to do. I know exactly what I have to do, so leave me alone.

Right now I sort of feel like Michelle Phifer in One Fine Day when she was telling George Clooney that she has all of these little balls up in the air and if someone caught one, she'd get all messed up. Please, someone catch one of mine. They're pretty much crosses that I have to bear though. It's not like I have a kid that needs picking up from school or dishes that need washed (hahah), but I basically have to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life, what to do about certain people, etc.

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  1. i didnt know u had to go back to school? for what...? do nothing with me this summer. we can get yelled at by our parents to get jobs but we wont and it'll be great