Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the weather is getting better by the hour. i hope it rains there all the time.

And it is. I checked. Well, that makes me sound like I'm creepy and I actually care. I was watching The Weather Channel and it's basically raining everywhere in the Rust Belt except for Pittsburgh.

Well, I just finished Season 5 of Weeds and I've moved on to WPT, which is World Poker Tour if you didn't know, because I didn't. The one man bet 3 million dollars and then lost. Andras needs the J to win the straight flush apparently. There is a large crowed cheering in the background and I guess Andras won because there are about 6 men in a huddle around him jumping up and down and they are now carrying them on their shoulders. I need to change the channel.

Because my life is so boring, I decided that I would spy on the neighbors, but then I got bored. I was outside on my Grandma's porch eating Reeses Puffs when I saw a big white van/truck drive down the street, completely unmarked except for a small "Fed-Ex" logo on the drivers side door. And then he just walked up to the door without ringing the bell and then walked away and then the door opened.

Anyway, now I'm watching the episode of Grey's where someone brings a gun into the hospital. I haven't watched Grey's since season I might be lost.

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  1. omg thats the finale and it was INSANE. u need to catch up. ps i think its hilarious u want a plastic cup for your birthday.