Sunday, June 20, 2010

gloss on my lips. man on my hips.

So my life has basically consisted of Alex for the past week and a half. Today we decided to go to Arby's and we stood in line for about 4 minutes while 3 people cycled through standing at the register waiting for us to order. Alex decided that she wanted a ruben and then I remembered that they had delish rubens at geagle up the we got up to the counter and ordered a value fry cause we felt bad. This reminded me about Confessions of a Shopaholic when she was explaining the reasons why she buys so much stuff and one of the reasons was because the sales girl had a lazy eye and she felt bad. So we buy food because we feel bad for the people behind the counter. The ruben from geagle was amazing, by the way. And p.s at the end we decided to try all of the sauces that Arby's provided as well.

And I have to say this again "Single Ladies" by Beyonce is the best song ever. I wish more people did covers of it.

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