Tuesday, June 8, 2010

lack of color

I just read every article in USA Today (minus the sports section because I could care less about that) and I feel like I could save the world now. I also watched the news all morning about Van der Sloot and how he admitted to killing that girl in Peru. I have this thing for serial killers, so this is an exciting story because he is beautiful and it's slightly interesting. I read about the oil spill...boo Obama, boo BP there are birds being covered in oil and so much money being lost. They are doing something about it, but several of the readers seem to think otherwise. I came up with so many great solutions to fixing the oil spill and now I'm sure my dad thinks I'm slightly retarded.

Then I read about this new form of Plan B that works even better. That's just what we need-another way to kill babies legally and prescribed. As a lax Catholic and an advocate for not killing living things (despite my love for serial killers), I don't think that anyone should have the rights to these products. You had sex, you got pregnant, deal with it. You can give it up for adoption-which is probably the best choice- or you can attempt to raise it. I believe so many crazy, misguided things that I won't share them with you. But there are two things I believe I will always be against, one being abortion and the other being affirmative action. Everything else I can be swayed in any direction (ok, abortion if the mother is going to die).

And that's my take on the topics of the day.

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