Wednesday, June 23, 2010

she said "baby we don't speak of that"

I hate not having the whole story. The story better be you're cousins or the dates on Facebook are messed up. The sad thing is I don't care. Like I DON'T CARE.

If Holden were alive, we'd be married and living the happiest life ever. He would be out of therapy and we'd have 6 kids. If Joran van der Sloot were my boyfriend I'd be happy. I would probably be dead, so never mind. And he's not nice, but at least he's sexy. Today Steph told me that she read that "weird" people related to Holden...rude.

I had the urge to listen to Third Eye Blind which made me look up something...which led to something...then to something else and now I'm pissed off. And now "Semi Charmed Life" is on so I'm in a good mood and I want to dance and go eat Taco Bell.

Today I went to the mall and spent 100 dollars (eee) and then I went to Ikea with Steph and Marissa and Alaina :]I really love Ikea. I don't like sweating though. I'll have to take pictures of the things I bought. Later...cause I'm too lazy to get up. At least I waited almost 3 months to start with this whole insomnia thing.

and i think I'll stop there.

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