Saturday, June 5, 2010

this time baby i'll be bulletproof.

Ashleigh has put me down three times in the past day

Put-Down # 1

Me: I never believe boys when they say they like me.
Ashleigh: They're probably desperate.

Put-Down # 2

Me: The pictures I take on the point-and-shoot always look better than with my Nikon
Ashleigh: That's cause you have to be skilled to take pictures with the nice camera.

Put-Down # 3

Me: I'm fat.
Ashleigh: You could get gastric bypass.

And I'm spending my Saturday night looking at Praxis dates and freaking myself out about how many points I'm going to miss. I took the sample questions test....I got 3 out of 10. I know nothing about history. The sad thing was, the ones I got right were the econ questions.

Last night I spent doing something equally as lame. They have this First Free Friday thing at the Marine Museum and we went. And spent about two hours watching a documentary on Lyme Disease. Then we went up into that light house and walked around the museum. It's actually a pretty nice museum if you ask me. I don't think I'd pay 7 dollars of my own money, but last night it was free. And then when that was over we went to Ledo's where we got a free pizza and a whole bunch of other unneeded disgusting food. And while we were at Ledo's Ashleigh knocked me again saying that I need to write a blog that people will read and then I can start to make some profit from it. She says I can't rude.

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