Wednesday, June 2, 2010

you hit me once, i'll hit you back.

I'm riding in your car.
You turn on the radio.
You're pulling me close
I just say no
I say i don't like it
but you know I'm a liar.

I would go on but the next few sentences aren't true. And I miss writing about this lameness...

But I'm going to get a little dramatic.
I just googled "when everything goes wrong" and I landed upon this article that called "5 Survival Tactics for When Everything Goes Wrong"
I'll go through it with you:

1.Laugh- It's telling me that I might die tomorrow. I'm most likely not going to die tomorrow and it could clearly get A LOT worse, but right now I can't see that far. I just don't find being potentially screwed out of 300 dollars, having my phone shut off and car taken away and not being able to leave this horrible place that funny.

2. Breathe- Difficult. I'm fat and sometimes it's hard to breathe.

3.Regroup- It's telling me to cross things off my list. I will start crossing things off my list when people become mature and realize that other people are involved in their decisions.

4. Give Thanks- It tells me that I have several things to be thankful for such as my health- I'm chubby, I can't run and I have health conditions that aren't really bad, but I'm not the picture of health. Family and Friends- at this point, I can't stand my family (my immediate family, I guess. I can thank my extended family for being amazing) and my friends that I can't really communicate with. My pets- all three of my cats have turned against me. My business and clients- I work in retail and I hate it. I have no clients. Sunrises and sunsets- I sleep through sunrises and I'm watching TV during the sunsets. Flowers- for some reason none are blooming in Wildewood. Chocolate Ice Cream- I hate chocolate ice cream. And the rest are ridiculous because I live too far away from water to hear the ocean. I'm thankful that we have DVR so I can DVR Hoarders.

5. Get Out- I was already out today. I took pictures of Ashleigh. Side note story: We were over by the pool where those new houses are and we were on our way back and this girl on one of those motorized Razor scooters rode up to us. The conversation went roughly as follows:

Girl: What are you doing?
Me: Walking.
Girl: Is that a camera?
Me: Yes.
Girl: Why do you have it?
Me: I like to take pictures (yes, I'm very witty in this conversation)
Girl: I can see your bra.
Me: Yeah, I know (Ash and I then walk away as quickly as possible)
Girl: (Calling out to us, talking about Ashleigh) I can see yours too! It's blue.

I laughed really hard. Like I almost died. When we were walking away I told Ashleigh that I should have called her a lesbian or something, but Ashleigh thought that would have scarred the little creeper forever.

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