Sunday, July 18, 2010

lay down on the cold ground.

I've been doing absolutely nothing. It feels so nice in some ways knowing that I don't have to do the whole "Back to School" shopping ordeal...but then I don't really ever need a reason to shop hahah. But's upsetting that I haven't done anything since the last time I worked. They keep telling me I'm not going to get any hours until I sign people up for the store credit card (which is extremely difficult to do when you're not on register and all you do is stand in the fitting room). The funny thing is, I picked up about 18 hours yesterday when I was working. They really suck at psychology at this place. I have an 8 hour shift today. I haven't worked more than 5 1/2 in probably 5 months. This will NOT be fun. I'm not sure why this entire thing is in one paragraph. I don't even have anything to say. I don't even have stories about what's been going on because this is what my day consists of :

-Wake up around 11
-Read for about 30 minutes
-Go on a walk/run for an hour and a half
-Go to the Library
-Eat and get on the computer
-Read until dinner
-Eat dinner
-Read some more at Grams or go to this park with my uncle and sit outside and read while he rides his bike
-Come home and make popcorn and eat that while watching TV or reading.

I lead such an exciting life. No lie.

So I love my random Itunes and the fact that I have all of this music that I never listen to. Randomly this song that I wanted to download (the song from Remember Me) came on my Itunes...I enjoy it though. It's the "Set the Fire to Third Bar" song. Maybe I'll go to Kohl's and try to find something to wear cause I'm super bored.

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