Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was thinking last night about how useful it would be if you could train people like you do cats. What I mean is, if someone says something that annoys you, you could just spray them with a water bottle until they realized that they should stop saying what they are saying. Instead of saying something really perverted, I would spray you until it was at least slightly romantic, you know? Not like this matters, but it would be an incredibly useful tool, yes?

I had several more thoughts last night, but that was the only one that seemed to stick. I read a book about flappers yesterday.
One of those non-fiction ones that was extremely interesting. It's called Flapper if you are interested. I'm in one of those really annoying moods where I don't talk to anyone and all I do is read. I get no satisfaction out of anything but reading. Who knows. I'm now reading The Picture of Dorian Gray and it's strangely reminiscent of Franny and Zooey because absolutely nothing happens and the main characters are more or less in a room the whole time having a conversation about nothing. And they you'll say to me Catcher in the Rye has no plot (I disagree with this completely, but I've just heard people say it's "a book about nothing"), and I'll say back "it dosen't have Holden". Dorian and the other characters have nothing on Mr. Caulfield. But really, who does?

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