Wednesday, July 21, 2010

when i remind you of all of this...

I haven't seen Taylor yet...but I'm trying to get a chance! I really want to go sit outside of the house where he is staying. BUT my aunt got to see him the other day and when she called me I almost cried. It's getting obscene how much I want to see him and I'm not even that big of a fan... And for all of those (aka Jamie and Denise) that I got excited to think that he came into work...I finally got the story- His costume designer or whatnot came in to return a shirt that he may or may not have worn... So who knows. I work tomorrow so maybe I'll get a chance to touch it.

In other news:
I'm really in love with "Cry, Cry, Cry" by Joaquin Phoenix- originally by Johnny Cash but for some reason when I'm in the Johnny Cash mood all of the cd's are checked out of the library. Anyway, I've listened to it close to 60 times in two days....yeah, I'm obsessive.

When your fickle little love gets old, no one will care for you.
You'll come back to me for a little love that's true.
I'll tell you no and you gonna ask me why, why, why?
When I remind you of all of this, you'll cry, cry, cry.

That's my favorite part.

And that is my life. I bought Gone With the Wind at B&N today. I've stopped buying clothes and now all of my money goes to books. I was like a kid in a candy store today. And then I've decided that although the way into my heart is CLEARLY not to continually ask me to go clubbing or out for drinks, and realistically it cannot be taking me to Black Babies R' Us...but it is taking me to Panera and then going to Barnes and Noble for decaf coffee and a search through books. So...if you needed any ideas, there's the one I want. Just saying. I can't wait until I fail the Praxis so I can read some stuff that I want to read.
On my summer list is:
The Portrait of Dorian Grey (Finish)
Water for Elephants (Finish)
Gone with the Wind
Jane Eyre
A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin


  1. I think you'll really like Jane Eyre, it's a fabulous piece of writing. I found that it can also put your life into perspective (considering that's it's also a partial autobiography) and makes you thankful your life isn't full of such terrible circumstances and people.

  2. Anonymous6:10 AM

    if you are still searching for the song with the "you're drowning and you're dragging me under": Kylie Auldist "Ship Inside a Bottle"

  3. thank you so much! i'm so happy about this song! and one day i'll be able to get to jane eyre and i'll be able to write about it!