Wednesday, August 25, 2010

i am not what you anticipated.

So at work we play this song "Later On" by Kate Nash...I love when people write songs about my life. Or what it used to be. I work every day this week, so there won't be anything fun to write about. Alex is starting school tomorrow so I'll have nothing to do during the days now.

Two fun things happened in Kiawah

1.) My family helped save a sea turtle. I know, adorable. See, these rude people next to us decided it was necessary to dig a trench around their entire tent on the beach. This trench was massive. It started out as a moat, and then turned into flashbacks of WWI (if I lived through it and it took place on beaches). Every day it just got bigger and wider and more annoying. Anyway, there are nests of sea turtles behind the beach right before the dunes and the baby sea turtles make their way to the ocean via the beach...well, being extremely tiny little things, they have tiny legs and since these idiots made the trench, the baby turtles weren't able to make it to the ocean and a lot of them got stuck in the trench and died. But one survived! So the beach patrol yelled at us at first cause they thought it was our fault that the turts died and then this man who was literally a part of the Turtle Patrol (2008) asked if we wanted to help save the one turtle who survived trench warfare. Of course we did. So my family as well as about 50 other people stood around as we watched the baby turtle attempt to make it's way through the tide into the water. He couldn't do it, so Alex got to pick up the turtle and put it in the water. I bet you thought that was going to be a much more interesting story.

2. I was in a tornado. Ok, a mini tornado, or wind blast or micro burst. I don't know what it was called, but it was scary. I was sitting in my rented beach umbrella with Ashleigh, my Aunt Natalie and my cousin's wife, Sara. I was minding my own business when it started to downpour
for a few minutes and then about ten minutes after this I felt a small gust of wind. Then I was sandblasted and felt a stronger wind and the umbrella started to sway so I held on to it, but I couldn't because the wind was that strong. So I let go of the umbrella, look over and see a lady's chair get blown over (while she was in it hahah) and then everyone I was with start to scramble. Our crappy beach chairs and boogie boards were sliding in all different directions. The best part was when the umbrella I was attempting to hold flew out of the ground and up OVER the condo's behind us. It was the strangest thing to watch a 10 pound umbrella flying through the sky. We later learned that it landed 30 ft. up in an oak tree by the pool. Oh and I lost my flip flop, but Ashleigh found it the next day in a sand dune.

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