Tuesday, August 3, 2010

please take it easy, it can't all be my fault.

I've been listening to French music lately. Namely "Non, Je Ne Regrette
Rien" which, after three years of French, I can only make out the same three words that you can make out- "no" and "I don't"(do not?). I'm going to go with my random translation "No, I do not regret you". But that's just what I'm guessing. Anyway, this song is from Inception and I am in love with it (both the song and the movie)
Here is what I've been doing since the last time I blogged:
The PVV (Pre-Vacation Vacation):
Marissa, Donia and I (with Alaina) went to Erie for two days. We got Panera twice as well as Applebee's and Steak n' Shake (where the rude waitress never gave us our receipt). That doesn't count the extremely large bag of pizza rolls we consumed. The PVV wasn't very eventful we went to the beach for about two hours on Day One and then on Day Two we went to the pool for about 40 minutes. I'm not exactly sure what the rest of the time was spent doing...but I never really understand those things. For those of you who don't believe that I'm fat, here is a picture of baby Alaina and me:
We are so rolly. Marissa had to wash the sand out of Alaina's fat rolls...so did I. You might be questioning what is on my fat leg...it's a sunburn, not a birthmark. Don't ask how it happened, I'm not sure. If you look hard enough you can see my awkward sun burn (I have two circles on my lower stomach that are about three shades lighter than anything else and it WON'T go away).
Yes, this is fossilized dinosaur poop. The sad thing is the main reason we went to Erie was to go to this dinosaur museum and it kind of sucked. I don't know. This is just Marissa and Alaina. People always tell me how cute she is and ask me how old she is...I'm just like "3 1/2 months...she's not mine"

John Mayer Concert:
I went with my friend Kelsey and of course it was amazing. We got lost going there (well, not "lost" we just had to make a detour, totally my fault) and then once we got to our lawn seats, we got free upgrades to sit under the pavilion (the very back of it, of course) There was this cute group of kids in front of us and we were hoping the fat un-coupled kids would get together cause the boy liked the girl. As always, John says cute things. The first time it was "the grassy-ass people" and the second time he sang the most beautiful version of "In Repair" the third time it was pouring rain (Laura, if anything good happened, let me know) and this last time some guy was fist pumping with a can of Bud Light Lime...John sees this and calls the guy a fag basically. Then he says "Bud Light is so embarrassed by the fact they make a lime beer, they don't even put their name on it, just 'BL'. So when you're embarrassed of going to my concert, just tell your friends 'I'm going to the JM concert'". And of course there was more adorable things said, I just don't remember. He pretty much just did guitar solo's and had other people play stupid solo's. In a two hour concert, he probably sang for 45 minutes (if that). But I kind of liked it because I was able to just sit in my free pavilion seat and think about stuff and relax. He is always amazing. But I couldn't really take pictures because I used Ash's new camera in Erie and scratched up the screen and she wouldn't let me take it to the JM concert, so I had to use my dad's...which sucks at zoom (and almost everything else).

This is Kelsey. She's older than she looks. And wow, there is my skin being consistently nasty.
Train. The lead singer ran right by where we were sitting and Kelsey got to give him a high five. They sang a lot of songs that I didn't know and a whole bunch of songs I knew but I didn't know that I knew.
Annnd last but not least- The most perfect man in the world!

What? I know. I didn't go very far, but still. I went with Steph and Marissa to see Inception. I think it was really really good, but not as good as I thought it was going to be cause there was so much hype. I'm in love with the Ames character (I think that's his name) and i enjoyed the movie a lot. Then we went to get drinks with some of Marissa's friends. It wasn't an exciting night at all, but at least I'm doing stuff, right? I'm getting better.

I decided that I don't fit in anywhere. I went to a fat person clothing store and they looked at me like I didn't belong there. When I go into skinny people stores, they look at me like I'm too fat. I can't win. All of my walking is futile because I keep gaining weight and all I want to do is lose three pounds (that's a Mean Girls reference, fyi)

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  1. lol its eams. and yea he's hot. i saw it twice! and ps ur not fat. i like ur bathing suit top