Wednesday, August 25, 2010

later on i'll cry my stupid eyes out.

you know what?
I need to find someone nice. I think I have two types of boys who like me: assholes or fat boys.

Neither seem to be working out very well for me. I hate facebook for allowing me to realize things (or assume things). Also, why am I so nostalgic? I think I might get rid of facebook for this reason and block it from my computer. Life really sucks when you're ugly, fat and shy. Don't live like me. I'll just hold on to these forever. Up until that day when I legit become a cat lady with my depressing memories. I think I'll just go for a fat guy this time. I hate when you think someone is really nice and they remember things about you, and then they're not. I can't tell if people are sincere, so I just assume the worst of everyone. change me.

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