Tuesday, August 10, 2010

your new twin size bed

So I thought that I needed a week vacation before my actual vacation from...vacation. Last night Alex said "today I think we probably sang about 95% of our conversations to each other". I thought it was time to leave.

For some reason both Ashleigh and I drove our cars down to Maryland. For some reason she is allowed to call the Camry "her car" but I am not allowed to call the Rav "my car". She like to pretend she paid for the Camry. Anyway, we enjoy wasting gas in this family. It's so much cheaper here! Gas in Prince Frederick was $2.67 and then gas in Pgh is $2.79...what is this? This is yet another reason I'm moving home. And I paid for gas today...be proud of me. I'm going to start to pay off my loan tomorrow too. Call me Ms. Responsible.

I really have nothing to say except I was watching The Monique show on BET and what I thought was the sexiest black man on planet earth was on it. He looked like a black version of someone I used to know (but a lot hotter) and he has amazingly white teeth. So I decided I'd make a list of the sexiest black guys...
1.Kanye West- According to my uncle he has no talent. I will always love him. I don't follow his personal life and I just have come to respect the fact that he's an asshole and gets drunk and claims that Beyonce is better than T.Swift.
2. Darren Sharper- This is the guy on the show. He doesn't really need an explanation
3. Reggie Bush- Mostly because he's with my favorite fake celebrity. But I mean...

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