Friday, September 3, 2010

i didn't like his face, i didn't that he was cute.

So while I was standing in the fitting room for three hours with nothing to do, I thought of a lot of things. I always have these nice ideas of things to say in my head that seem witty and then I forget them and you get the watered-down, less funny version of my thoughts. But all I came up with during my ponderings was that I hate work and everyone already knew this. Why am I still working there? Here are a few reasons:
1. I'm lazy.
2. I don't like new things.
3. I'm lazy.
4. I'm pretty comfortable there.
5. I really don't want to sub.
6. I have no desire to grow up.

So, as you can see, all of these reasons are pretty much just a variation of number one. The biggest factor in the stalling of my life is that I'm lazy. Before I passed the Praxis, I was gung-ho on learning more and reading all of these non-fiction books, but now that I have no reason to study, I have no reason to do any of this. I feel my brain melting away. The most brain activity I get all day is color coding the clearance section and it's not that difficult to ROY G BIV some crappy shirts. I'm not even on the cash register so I literally do nothing all day. If someone asked me some trivia questions I wouldn't be able to answer them. Hell, if you asked me 8 x 6 I'd be lost. I don't even work out anymore. My day consists of waking up too early for this crappy job, either resizing denim or opening boxes and then standing in the fitting room for three or four hours. Then I come home and watch a movie (either Zombieland, The Ugly Truth or Whip It), eat dinner and then sit around and time is lost. Sometimes I go shopping or I sit on the porch for three hours talking to my uncles. life.

And one thing that bothers me at work is how everyone compliments me. That's enough. Please stop. It's nice when people tell you your shirt is cute, but when you get it like 18 times from the same two people, you want to rip your hair out. OK, they're just being nice. gahh sorry. This girl at work always says "hey you". Please stop that too. You're not my boyfriend and it's weird coming from a girl. And it's not like this happens in the morning right when we see each other. It's every time she comes in to the fitting room or I pass her on the floor.

One more complaint. OK I've pretty much got the complexities of the fitting room down. So we get evaluated sometimes. I got evaluated yesterday and today...that's too many times. Depending on who is doing it, you get a better score. Yesterday I got "yes's" for everything even though I don't do half of the things that you're supposed to (I'm not going to ask everyone if they want a store credit card while they're getting changed). Today I got a book on the margin of what I need to improve on. OK... I'm 22 years old with a college degree and my only job is working at a crappy retail chain. Please stop pretending that I'm going to put a mass amount of effort into this. I know I'm coming off as really annoying right now, complaining about my sucky life, but I know it's all my fault. I want to care, it's just...I don't. No one does. I'm sorry that you also went to college but you graduated 4 years ago and you're still working for 8 dollars an hour. I really hope that I'm not still in the fitting room 4 years from now. I probably will be though.

Oh, OK, one more. I've become somewhat of a fitting room cleaning aficionado as of late and I spend like two hours cleaning it and sanitizing it before I leave (when I work at night) but I haven't worked at night in a week and every morning when I get to the fitting room I have to re-clean the whole thing. When this older man closes the fitting room, I don't have to worry about it too much. But the other day I get there and someone didn't even sweep the individual rooms. I guess it gave me something to do, but it's never up to my standards now. This is so opposite from my home life.

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