Friday, September 24, 2010

i wear your memory like a stain

Today has been spent watching Disney Channel. I watched all of the episodes that I haven't seen of Sonny with a Chance and now I'm on to Wizards of Waverly Place. I think I'm like extremely obsessed with Selena Gomez right now. I used to like Demi a lot better because she can actually sing, but Demi looks like a ghost now, so I'm obsessed with Selena. And besides, she has a new CD that Jamie needs to buy and send to me.
I really wish that I was 11 so my creepy obsession would be a lot less creepy. But, like everything, it'll be over in a few hours when I'm wanting to jump off a bridge at work. I'm listening to her new CD right now and it sounds nothing like her...I like that.

Last night when I was going through the clearance section that I was supposed to be recovering, I picked up like 300 shirts that I want to try on. See, we're having this 50% off sale on clearance items and then I get 10% off that price with my discount. So, I hid a whole stack of clothes that better be there when I get there today or I'll be so mad. Maybe if I buy stuff I'll put up pictures. I keep spending money though. But I get paid today. It's probably going to be like 350, but that's better than nothing, right? Not really...Ugh I won't complain about my job. I won't complain about my job. That'll be my new mantra since I'm in a good mood for some reason right now.

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