Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i'd rather be watching the kardashians.

I'll talk about a book I just read so you don't have to hear about work. I just read this book by Bret Easton Ellis called Imperial Bedrooms. I read the whole thing in about 3 hours, so clearly I enjoyed this fact. The book, however, was a different story. I liked it mostly but the whole thing sounded so familiar. Like I've somehow seen the movie or even read the book before. I think that he writes the same characters in different books or something. Well, I used to think that this man was the greatest thing to happen to literature since J.D Salinger wrote Catcher in the Rye (and clearly ONLY Catcher). I must have been in some deeply disturbed place when I thought that American Psycho was an amazing book. Oh, ok, it was an amazing book, but not in the plot sense. I love the way he writes and I like the character development, but...it's disturbing. Deeply. I can't even describe what the main character, Patrick, does to people.

Other than that, I'm watching Teen Mom right now and this show makes me so mad. All of these girls (except maybe Maci) are terrible parents. Way too self-absorbed to have a child and don't even get me started on the relationship between Catylnn and Tyler. I think the whole concept of this show just glorifies teen pregnancy. I think that it's trying to make it seem like having a baby when you're a teenager is a terrible thing. But how many of these teens having sex are thinking "I'm going to get pregnant"? I suppose when you're that age you think you're infallible. And then there are the girls who think that having a baby when you're 16 is a good thing in general. They think that they'll get on TV and be famous like the girls on this show. No matter what people tell you, you're going to do what you're going to do. The word advice should just be taken out of the dictionary. If you're a curious 16 year old girl with the opportunity, you know what's going to happen. You're not going to get pregnant or emotionally attached or whatever happens to these young girls. I'm probably just saying this because I didn't start my romantic jaunts until later in life and I refuse to be pressured into anything. I really don't have a problem with these kids having sex, which probably makes me a bad person, but whatever. I just think that they should stop glamorizing teen pregnancy. I don't think that it's a picnic.

Catlynn and Tyler: Ok, really? It's disgusting that you're technically brother and sister. You have the same parents. Why are you prom king and queen? Because you're on TV? I really applud them for giving up their child. I think that is the most unselfish thing that they could do. They were mature enough to realize that they couldn't give Carly a good life and even though it's depressing them, they made the right decision.

Amber and Gary: Ok, ew. These two are my least favorite. They are THE WORST PARENTS EVER! They are the reason you don't have sex. It disgusts me that they think they're going to get married. I'm of the school that you don't have to marry the person you have a child with (if it's an accident, of course). The one episode where they were at this candy store, their daughter, Leah, was just left to walk around the store and pull candy off the shelves while her parents were fawning over each other. I don't understand why this stupid bitch can't just finish high school. Why can't Gary be mature and get a job. HOW ARE THEY AFFORDING A CHILD AND AN APARTMENT ON HER TANNING SALON SALARY? It's disgusting that MTV is funding them. These idiots need to get off TV.

Maci: I really liked her and she was my favorite up until this whole decision to move with this Kyle character, who I'm assuming just came out of the woodwork only so he could be on TV. No 18 year old boy is ok with the fact that their girlfriend has a baby by another guy. You have to be a really strong, mature person to deal with that. And then that episode where she decided to move in with her three friends. Really? Why would you think that's a good idea. If Marissa told me that she and Alaina would live with us that last semester, I would tell her no. No one wants a baby around 24/7. No one does.

Farrah: I feel bad for her, obviously, since the father of her baby passed away, but she's a bad mother too. I think that she just handles stress poorly and she's having a hard time dealing with it. I don't mind her because you can tell she's trying and she cares about Sophia. And her daughter has the best name. Her mother is jacked up and I don't know what I'd do in her situation.

I like how it seems like I religiously watch this show. I've probably seen like 3 episodes but it's on right now and I just felt like bitching about fake people since I'm trying to not bitch about real life people.

"you know the rules, make sure you feed and water the dogs"

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