Friday, September 24, 2010

i'm feeling good for the first time/ it's been a while since the last time

I'm not sure why I'm making this face. Jamie, he's an actor, not a president. I think you were thinking of Alexander Hamilton who was not a president. That was kind of a quote from the book. Whenever I get to finish it, I'll write about it.

Oh I had a dream the other day- there was this teen sort of website where you could click on it and two "lucky" people would have this really big snake come to their house and bite them (and then you die). I didn't know what I was doing, and of course, I won the prize. So this snake shows up at my doorstep and I didn't even know this whole biting/dying thing happened, but I figured it out and slammed the door shut. I think the snake followed me around for a while and I don't even know if he bit me because I never died.

Does this mean that I'm trying to relive my childhood? Is this yet another religious dream? Why do people keep trying to kill me in my dreams?

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