Wednesday, September 29, 2010

jeans to tight and your hair ain't right.

So I'm talking to Jammy E right now about how she's going to graduate in December and how I'm already graduated and how I should have a real job right now, and you know what? I really don't want a real job. I'm fine working for 39 hours a week and not even making 300 dollars...oh yeah. No, I really am. I have no intentions of getting a job any time soon and I think that longer I put it off the happier I'll be. I'll never be happy though, so I might as well never get a job. I'm going to become a Teen Mom though. I have a line of suitors, so I'll just pick the one with the best genes.
I just shop a lot. And when I'm not shopping, I'm working, When I'm not working, I'm looking up Selena Gomez online or getting ready for work. I honestly do nothing else. I can't fall asleep and I don't bother working out anymore. I watched Glee and it was terrible. I don't even know. But yeah, that's my life. People get mad at me over stupid things because they don't get my amazing sense of humor, then make a big deal out of it and then I have to be the one to smooth things over? It was funny, ok? The fact that what I'm talking about even occurred proves that I lead the most boring life ever...ok, if you must know, this girl at work thought I offended her by making fun of her driving. Ok, I make fun of EVERYONE'S driving because I never feel safe in cars with other people. Everyone laughed.

And my life is a spiraling black hole. I wish I could just open up some more cans of worms because I miss that.

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