Thursday, September 30, 2010

wouldn't get far.

It will be October tomorrow. I love fall. Can I just let you know that? I wish that it was fall ALL YEAR LONG. I love watching the leaves change. I love wearing hoodies and the smell of apple cider (I can't eat anything apple flavored when it's heated up). I love pumpkin patches (even though no one ever takes me). I love when you can see your breath (but aren't freezing). I love taking pictures of people in leaves. I love leaves crunching on the ground. I love driving with the windows open and the heat on (even though the fans in my car are broken so when I turn on the heat or a/c a roaring sound and a burning smell comes out). I like all months with a "er" at the end except September. Soon it will be Halloween and then Thanksgiving (my ultimate favorite holiday), then it will be a year, then it will be Christmas and then I'll still be a complete loser, but at least I won't be sweating too much.

Jamie asked me to write about the newest Teen Mom, so I watched it and I honestly have no words. I hate Amber. She needs to be on medication. I've taken 9 credits of Psych, so I feel like I'm qualified to call her a crazy bitch. This is why young people shouldn't have sex. Oh, well I don't care if they have sex, I just think that if you're dumb enough to have sex and not be on birth control, then you deserve to have a baby when you're 16 and be so stupid you can't pass your GED test and the become anorexic and work at a tanning salon cleaning up after slutty hoes who are voluntarily giving themselves cancer. Hello, run-on sentence.

Also, please listen to "Wouldn't Get Far" by Kanye West and The Game. It's amazing. I love when rappers or hip-hoppers sing such degrading things and it sounds beautiful.

Other than that I had a lame day off. :[

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