Friday, October 15, 2010


you know those days when everything annoys you?
yeah, well, today was one of those days.
a lot of times this girl patty is the scapegoat at work...well, today it was me. just because i leave one shirt out i get blamed for ALL of the running that was left on a folding cart. and then i get yelled at cause some mystery employee doesn't put the jeans away in the right place and somehow this is all my fault.
and on my drive home from work i realized that i am like 95% take and 5% give in relationships. with anyone really. why am i so selfish? sorry i do this to you guys. but i can't help it. i learned from the best.

why are you so rude? i'm just putting this out there to more than one person who doesn't even know my blog exists. i'm just asking a question and i expect an answer. a legitimate answer. not an online shrug. i was just doing something nice for someone, god.

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