Friday, October 15, 2010

And ended up the kind of kid who goes down chutes too narrow

So yesterday I was sitting at a stop light daydreaming about god knows what when all of the sudden i feel my car bump forward. Yes, someone hit me yet again. So I'm like ugh and pull over in a parking lot. So does the guy. He's chubby, drives a mini van and is clearly a geeky single gentleman who works at a geeksquad type job and lives with his mom. He goes "oh I think I just hit your tire (the spare tire on the back of my car), it looks ok" I was like "ughhh...yeah" and the guy gets in his car and drives away. You really can't tell though. I just don' t know why people feel the need to hit my car all of the time. This is legit like the 6th time someone has hit my car. The poor Rav has been through so really needs to be retired but that won't happen until I literally have to push it myself because I have no money. Whenever I get my share of the security deposit back (which unfortunately is only like 160) I'll have basically as much money as most of you make in a paycheck. How sad is that? Renting is a bad idea. Literally all of the money that I've ever made (that my mom didn't take from me) has gone to rent. I haven't been able to save any money in the past two years. I did make almost 600 dollars in my last paycheck...that's before taxes though. God, I hate taxes. I really don't think that people working minimum wage jobs should have to pay as much taxes. Seriously like 150 comes out of my paycheck. That's me sounding like a democrat.

Speaking of Democrats, my mother said the most annoying thing ever - "the government will take care of it". She was referring to homeless people. My dad thought she was kidding...He really knows nothing about my mom. He also thought that she'd want ice cream after she got home from her zumba class (yes, my mother goes to zumba).

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