Thursday, October 21, 2010

and i think it's going to be a long long time til touch down brings me round again

So right now I'm actually watching Fraggle Rock. I'm not sure if I am being extremely lame or just nostalgic. I don't even remember watching this show but whoever created this show had to be on some type of hallucinogen. The best part is a giant pile of leaves. A giant pile of TALKING leaves. This pile of talking leaves is supposed to be garbage but it's all leaves and one banana, but this pile is like the guru of the Rock. She normally gives the weird Sesame Street-esque puppets advice except in this episode, the pile of leaves sort of imploded on herself and said that she couldn't give advice today.

Anyway, in my attempt to be more of an adult, I signed up for a credit card at The Loft. I had no intention of ever doing this but I tried on this dress and I was seriously in love like I've never been before in my life, so I had to buy it. The lady at the counter coaxed me into getting a card but I never thought that I would be approved because I don't have credit, but I was, and now I have credit I guess. I paid the card off with my debit card like a second after I paid for the dress with my new credit card, so It's all good.
I, of course, went to Goodwill since I was on a spending spree and found this little gem:
I did my own alterations in the fitting room aka I pulled the shoulder pads out and left them on the floor. What kind of human being am I, do you ask? A terrible one.

And my favorite purchase that I've made in a long time:

You're probably thinking that I found these at the thrift store. Unfortunately, no, I paid a pretty large sum of money (29.99) for these babies. But I was like...I can't imagine my life without these things sitting on the floor of my closet (because I have no where to wear them). But I did wear them out to dinner that one night.

I no have a huge decision to make: Which movie do I watch? Zombieland is on yet again...I'm watching Fanboys right now but it's gay so far. I'm watching a movie called Fatso and the lady goes "All the good people are fat people. And all of the fat people die young". Ughh don't remind me. Ok, I'm settling for Joan Rivers' QVC jewelry show.

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