Tuesday, October 5, 2010

boring day.

Ok, so...you know what is weird? I had all of these books checked out at the library and I had them sitting on the dresser and I guess various places around my Grams, and I thought that I lost them all. But they're not coming up as me having them checked out on my account. I'm just going to assume that my Gram returned them without asking. I never got to finish Don't Mind if I Do by George Hamilton. I guess I'll never know what truly became of him. But all is well because I was expecting to log on to my account and have like a 60 dollar fine because I thought I lost a CD which is a dollar a day if it's late. Maybe the library gods are looking down on me because nothing else is going right in my life. Woe is me, eh?

For now I'm just watching some Gossip Girl. I'm on season 3 episode 17 or something like that but Megavideo keeps pausing cause you can only watch like 72 minutes at a time or some bull like that.

I got myself some bright ass neon shorts from work.

On clearance,
then 50% off THEN my 10% off discount...So they were cheap. But at least when I'm slogging on those busy roads, people have no excuse but to see me (so I don't get hit).

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