Friday, October 29, 2010

caught you in the morning with another one in my bed.

So, some day's I'm like "ok, I guess my outfit is kind of cute" and then there are days where I'm just like..."why did I think that matched". The latter is usually what is going on in my head. But yesterday I wore this:

The saddest part is that I am probably one of the best dressed employees at this joint. And looking at this pictures makes me want to barf.
I just got done with the binge of the century. I honestly can't move because I am in a sugar comma. I don't even like brownies all that much...did that stop me? Nope. THEN my aunt and uncle came over bearing gifts of ice cream pie from Brusters. You can only imagine how I felt after 4 HUGE tacos. This blog sounds so pro-bulimia. But, goodness no. I'm sitting on the bed too lazy to even think about getting ready to sleep.

But today, my life was just a deepening of my obsession. It's kind of borderline creepy. It might have passed creepy a few days ago though. This is what happens when you are deprived from even speaking to attractive boys. It's sad and someone should start a SA (stalkers anonymous) to help me cope with my problem.

I suppose the food comma with continue for a while and then I'm going to bed. Oh, by the way this is a Friday night if you didn't notice from the date. And the worst part is, I could have done something. I am just that lazy.

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