Wednesday, October 27, 2010

i ain't missing you at all.

you know what i love? i love when people ask me questions. even if it is you, jamie.

I went to see Tyler Hilton tonight. Where did that come from, right? Yeah. Well, my friend was like "oh my friend can't make it to the concert. Do you want to go?" My reaction was completely expected..."uhhhh not really. Does this mean I have to put on clothes and drive to the South Side?" But I went anyway and I'm glad I did. The opener was Josiah Lemming and he was clearly on drugs. He was ok I guess- he sounded exactly like Augustana. Tyler was amazing. He looks exactly the same and he sounds really good live. I'm glad that he hasn't had a new CD out since the one from when I was in high school, but despite that I only knew four songs, "When it Comes", "Glad" and his cover of "Missing You" and "Pink and Black". All in all it was really good. The best part was I randomly ran in to my BFF Kelsey and her sister. I didn't know she was going to the concert. But in the end we all got to get pictures with Tyler and I look terrible like always.

I FINALLY GOT OFF MY BUTT AND SENT IN MY CERTIFICATION STUFF. Please give me an award, thanks. I was thinking today that I've become completely dependent on positive reinforcement. Every time that I get someone to open a store credit card, I expect to be rewarded with a coupon for free food of some sort.


  1. ahahahha thats hilarious. wow i sorta forgot all about tyler hilton. interesting, your life is becoming more exciting than mine so stop,a nd what ceritifcation stuff are u talking about

  2. whoa!! tyler hilton! what a throwback!