Monday, October 18, 2010

"i'm always drunk and i can't swin"

So yesterday I went out to Bravo with Marissa, Steph and Madelyn and I heard some extremely depressing news. It made me think about death all day while I was in the fitting room hanging up Dreamer jeans that went on clearance. Dying always scares me, obviously. But I still think that I'd make an exceptional mortician. Anyway, because, you know, everyone is so interested with my love life, Madelyn asked if I was doing anything and I said that I'm in love and Marissa goes "is he black". Why do my friends know me so well? All of my fake loves are usually black.

In other news, I feel so incredibly sick right now. But I have these awesome socks on that I got from work and this really cute shirt that I got from Gap. I also have old man's pajama pants on so I'm lookin' good right now.

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