Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i'm not the man they think i am at home oh no no no.

I'm really not sure why I'm writing as I have absolutely nothing to say. I mainly wanted to write a post so I could use this title because I just heard "Rocket Man" by Elton John, and loving all of Elton's popular songs, I had to let everyone know.

"Hey, Mom, it was great bumping into you. Maybe next time you'll be standing next to a wood chipper". That was a quote I just heard Charlie say in Two Men and a Little Boy (more commonly known as Two and a Half Men). I do really love Jake, the "little boy".

I also really love anyone who was ugly in their youth. So far, I think that my favorite is Joan Rivers. "Rivers" isn't her last name. Did you know that? I've started reading again, and when I say that I've started reading I really mean that I opened a book and read a chapter a week. I have a few favorite quotes, and the first one is a long one, so bear with me

"Virtually all of my jokes then were autobiographical, jokes I used to write down on scraps of paper and stuff into my handbag and see if they worked next time I managed to get in front of an audience. So my conversations on the air with Johnny Carson were really strings of jokes that told the story of my life:By six years of age I was a fatso who finished her midnight snacks just in time for breakfast and ate so much she had stretch marks around her mouth. In high school my acne was so bad, blind people tried to read my face. In biology class a frog tried to dissect me. I sat out more dances than FDR. I was petting with a boy, and his hand went to sleep."

Essentially every single word that she said in this quote is my life in a nutshell (except the whole frog dissecting thing because I don't get it). One of my favorite parts is the whole I sat out more dances than FDR thing. If there is one thing I love, it is a history joke. What I love even more is a history joke that I actually understand. See, as an Education major in millions of history classes with History majors, I spent a lot of time hearing people laugh about things that happened in history while is soared over my head. I wasn't trying to knock on my fellow Social Studies Education majors, it was just my experience.

Whenever I finish reading Still Talking, I'll blog about it in my new blog that I really never write in because I don't read much after my laziness took over AND I got a little anxious after I thought I lost the Florence + the Machines CD as well as various other books. Speaking of, this Joan Rivers book is probably like a month overdue.

You know what is depressing? The fact that libraries won't be around forever. That is honestly the saddest thought ever. It's worse than thinking about starving children in Somalia or that whole genocide in Darfur thing. Who needs food or salvation from those stupid Arab Africans? What would the world do without the smell of old books? Think of all of the people that will be out of jobs...Just think about that. I'm probably kidding about all of this.

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