Tuesday, November 16, 2010

all i wanna do

Day 5A photo of yourself two years ago.This just makes me so sad/happy.

In my honest opinion, horns should be eliminated from cars. Please don't honk your horn at me or my blood pressure will most likely reach it's limit. It's so rude and unnecessary. Stop being in such a rush all of the time and deal with the fact that I cut you off (even though there was enough space) because I have been waiting to make a left turn out of the library for nearly four minutes. Just put your hands back on the wheel where they are supposed to be.

And when I was at work I realized why I have so few friends and boys never like me. There is this new guy, David, at work and who knows how old he is, but for this story he is my age. If you haven't noticed, all I do is complain. I'm a completely half glass empty type of person, and it doesn't bother me one bit, so I'm not really about to change that any time soon. And this morning at work found me complaining (only slightly) about how my life revolves around work. All I do is work and read. I say this as the honest truth, too, not even sure if I'm complaining about it. And David says "that's all you do? Do you go out on the weekend's?" and to that of course I say "no, not usually" and he asks what I do instead? Maybe watch TV? I say "No, I usually read." And you wonder why people don't like me. Who would want to be friends with someone who has this conversation? Clearly I would, but I don't really count in this situation. In all actuality, I did go out last weekend. And when I say I went out I went to see Inception for a dollar with Mike and Adriana. But that is what I'd rather spend my time doing.
My uncle told me that no guy was good enough for me. Is that true? I'm not really sure. I'm not even picky, honestly. But why would I tell my uncle, let alone anyone, about my love life? I just read You'll Never Blue Ball in this Town Again by Heather McDonald, and honestly, it saved my life even though I just finished it.
And now that this blog is getting way too personal, I'll leave you with the name tag that I am forced to wear around work:
Whenever you are feeling down about your life, all you have to do is thank the good Lord that you don't have to walk around with this on your chest. This year for Christmas, I think I'm just going to get everyone a little bit of myself, because who doesn't want some Kristen? Everyone does.

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