Friday, November 26, 2010

i go back to december all the time.

So I started off today by waking up at 8 to go Black Friday shopping. We went to Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Lowes. I got some face wash and that's it. When we came back my uncle and I decided to go on a short bike ride. Unfortunately, this bike ride turned out to be a mini-marathon of biking around St. Mary's County. We rode down almost to the new elementary school but we got sidetracked and rode down the Primrose Place development and then found this random path. I think we some how ended up in Hollywood because the next thing I know we're on 235 next to that Vet's office on Airport View Dr. So I'm wearing green shorts and my bright purple sorority sweatshirt riding my midget bike down a busy highway.

Then I cleaned and washed my uncle's car for four dollars. I'm such a nice neice. Then of course I showered and we went to Belk and I got a bow-tie ring in gold with diamonds in it. And of course I mean a fold ring with fiamonds in it. Now I'm just waiting for dinner and getting ready to go to Light Up Night, Leonardtown style.

Day 13- Your favorite musician and why?

Obviously it's John Mayer and I'm not sure I really have to explain. Sometimes Freddy Mercury really does it for me though, but that's on a month by month basis.

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